And you? When will you begin that long journey into yourself? - "Rumi"

This past week while working on a new arrangement titled, “Inward Journey”, I decided to use short video scenes from my previous year of travel as it was a good match for the theme.

The ultimate inward journey and meditative setting for me is being out in nature to experience the grandness of Gaia. During the last year I have traveled to visit friends, and attended music festivals. Like most people, I like to take photos and video of the scenery that catches my attention.

It depicts the traveling from a city to the quite setting of a tranquil forest. I thought the click-clack of the tracks seemed to set a meditative mood for the transition from an urban setting to the calm of the forest.

The flute that I used in this video is specially tuned to “Phi” which is sometimes called the golden ratio. This tuning is said to have a special healing effect.

This is a short two minute clip of the arrangement…..enjoy!