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Welcome to "element-tao". The "Tao", in a philosophical sense, is the way the universe functions, the "path", taken by natural events. "element", a component or constituent of a whole or one of the parts which may be resolved by analysis. Thus, "element-tao", where the world of sound, music, nature, and the universe, is one.

Our universe is the source of all energy. Energy is vibration, music is vibration, and therefore, music is energy. We all know that music affects our mood, and mental state, as well as our physical well being in general. ;It's no secret that babies in the womb are influenced by the sounds that they are exposed to during this period. Music can make us feel good, sympathetic, meditative or energetic. So enjoy and experience the music in your life.

Solar Wind

In this arrangement, the synthesizer represents the solar wind, and the flute represents the human spirit, the song of the heart, hope for our planet and it’s people.

There is a real solar wind, a stream of charged particles released from the sun which also contain a magnetic field all of which have a great impact on the earth. Under normal circumstances, the energy can be used for solar energy. However, if we don’t reduce the use of fossil fuels, our atmosphere can be less protective of the sun’s UV rays, with the result of harmful effects on all living things.

Alternative Energy

I wrote this composition (Titled,  "Alternative Energy") in a show of support for the science of Nikola Tesla, and the focused dedication of Elon Musk. Elon Musk has dedicated his life to the pursuit of science and engineering for the benefit of a better planet. it is also intended for the people of our planet who have a spiritual and energetic purpose to help move us forward towards abundant, renewable energy.



This new song, "Renaissance" is from my latest cd, "Mars on Fire". I composed this piece to reflect a positive change for our planet, culturally, politically and environmentally.
This video is my visual interpretation of the composition, which reflects a universal spirit and it’s impact on a positive change for our all of us. Here is to a better future for the environment and all people of our beautiful planet earth!